Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 5: Likya Winery and Gombe Lake

There is something enticing about being in a predominantly Islamic country and going to a Vineyard.  It's like breaking the rule and at the same time doing it legally.  In Islam, alcohol is forbidden.  That's all I know.  I am raised as a Catholic.  

I am getting tired of paying over priced alcohol.  So when we found about this "wine tasting" in Turkey, I thought, it would be an experience.  It was an experience alright.  Luke had to drive 3 hours both ways to get to Elmali and back.  There are no signs directing you to Elmali.  At a crossroad, Luke had to do the tourist way and shouted "Elmali!?" to the tambay as we don't know where to go.  Luckily, he directed us to the right path.  :P  The drive was very scenic but boring until we got a little bit lost and had to stop in a petrol station to ask for directions.  When we finally reached the vineyard, there was no tour, no wine tasting.  Apparently, the new leader of their country changed the rule and you can't taste wine anymore.  So with blind faith, we bought 3 bottles of wine.  I am not a big wine drinker to begin with.  The owners of the Likya winery is very accommodating though.  We had a tour in their factory and we also had a chat with the owners.  As for the wine, we haven't tasted it yet and we are saving it for another occasion.  A bottle by the way cost 10 quid each. 

I've taken photo of the Gombe lake from afar.  There is nothing interesting about it in my opinion but it just looked nice so we had to stop.  On our way back to the hotel, we got stopped by the Turkish police.  They had guns with them and as usual, I sh*t myself.  I am very anti-guns.  I don't see the point of having one.  Anyway, they were asking for our passports but Luke only had his driver's license with him and I've got my residence permit with me.  Good thing one of the police is nicer and told his buddy to stop bullying us and let us pass.  He told us that next time, we should bring our passports when travelling.  

For dinner, we went to Kas.  I was extremely hungry by then.  We initially planned to just stay in Kalkan but the food is very unsatisfying and expensive for Turkey standards.  We went back to the same restaurant from the previous night as we loved their service and food.  We told them that we drove all the way from Kalkan and gave us free coke.  We gave 10 TL in tip or we had to as the server didn't bother giving us change.  

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