Thursday, 10 July 2014

Day 4: Saklikent and Kas

I am pleasantly surprised with Turkey.  The country have so much to offer.  It caters to everyone.  Historically, they have UNESCO heritage sites, there is an abundance of beaches and for the dare devils, you can do paragliding, camping, hiking.  For a week, we were able to do different things and visited different areas.  Sounds hectic?  No.  As we have a great location, everywhere is of driving range.  Daily, we wake up just in time for breakfast, we leave on our chosen time without pressure, we eat when we are hungry and most importantly, I can take my afternoon nap.  You have no idea how amazing that feels.  For someone who travels 20 hours weekly for work, everything is a luxury.

1.  Saklikent Gorge

I wanted to hike.  I thought it would be a good exercise and honestly, I wanna see the big rock formations.  I thought it would be easy.  I didn't realise that you have to go through a natural spring water which is as cold as ice and swim through the small gaps in the gorge. The whole scene reminded me of 127 hours minus the accident.  :P  It takes an hour to get to the end of the hike which you will be rewarded with a waterfall.  We almost made it until I had an accident.  With 150 metres to the waterfall, I climbed the rocks and slipped.  It wasn't a very high fall but a fall nonetheless.  Luckily, I didn't hit my head and I went straight through the water.  I am not sure if going to the waterfall is worth all the effort but as soon as i slipped, we had to abort the mission.  After all, I have been to better waterfalls in the Philippines.  :)  

Walking will take you about an hour depending on your pace of course.  The entrance fee is 5 Turkish Lira per person so that's less than 2 quid.  You have to wear a footwear with grip which is free in the restaurants.  Yes, that's their way of luring customers to the business.  I didn't mind as it helped us through the hike.  You will also have to hike in swimming costumes as you have to swim at one point.  Bring water and water proof bag. 

This day, I discovered Turkish pancake or Gozleme.  I started with Cheese pancake and had 4 different varieties in the trip.  They have a different pancake compared to the western world.  Theirs is more like doughy but crepe thin.  

2.  Kas

We decided to check out Kas.  Luke intended to stay here initially but his workmates are staying in the area so we went to Kalkan instead.  Thank God for that.  Kalkan is way better than Kas and is less touristy.  The only upside of staying in Kas is that, they've got better restaurants with better prices.  If I have to describe Kas, it has to be Manila bay with better restaurants.  Don't trust me as I'm not the Kas expert though.  :p 

This is the day that I've discovered Pide.  Pide is like Turkish pizza.  The ingredients are basic but as it was made fresh, it taste better than store bought pizza.  I also had a yogurt drink thinking that it would resemble Lassi, the indian counterpart.  It was more salty and tasted horrible I learnt my lesson and didn't order it again.  :P

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