Saturday, 14 November 2015

Warner Brother Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter

I belong to the generation that grew up reading Harry Potter.  I remember when I was first introduced to the book.  It was when my mum was sent on assignment in the UK for the first time and she sent us all the UK HP Edition book.  I remember not knowing how to pronounce Hermione.  I used to call her Hermi-one whilst my cousin called her Hermi-yown.  I was fascinated with the book and wizardry just like all the kids my age.  I had to learn British words which is so different to my American training. Can you imagine learning British English when English is not actually our first language?  It is amazing how I understood the film despite having difficulty understanding British English when I first moved in the UK.

My husband's siblings including himself is a big Harry Potter fan.  I admit, I enjoyed the film and the book but they can remember each and every detail on the film.  I probably have outgrown it but they could watch it over and over again and get excited about it still.  I remember my husband mentioning how excited he is when the little one can understand the film and he can introduce the baby to the world of Harry Potter.

My tips when going to the WB Harry Potter Studio:

1.  Book in advance.  I think you might be able to go for the day without booking but there is no guarantee.  It is always good to plan.

2.  Bring cash and loads of it.  If you are a big Harry Potter fan, there is a a tendency to buy all souvenirs.  You can buy wands, marauders map and broom.  There is no shortage of things that you can buy from the film.  You just have to restrain yourself.

3.  Try the Butter Beer.  I won't ruin it for you but you will be able to tell which drink it is.  You can probably recreate it at home.  You can buy the cup that comes with it which is always a novelty.  I bought 2 and gave one to my sister. 

4.  Bring camera that can take good photo in the darkness.  

5.  Use comfortable footwear.  You will spend majority of your time walking or queueing up.

6.  Enjoy the Diagon Alley.  Going to the HP World is like going to IKEA.  Once you passed the area, you will have a difficulty going back.  It is best to enjoy everything at your pace.  :)

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