Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Family Holiday Day 2: Chia Laguna, Sardinia

My last blog post was almost two years ago. Since then, I have been to America with my family, had a weeks worth of holiday in the UK and numerous day trips as well. Oh yeah, also I've become a mum and my baby is turning a year old in few weeks. Crazy how my life has been summed up in few sentences. :P

Planning a holiday with the baby vs planning as a couple is very different. As a couple, we usually pick a city we haven't been, check all the tourist spots, pick ones we are interested in and get a direction how to get there. We usually work on a budget we are comfortable spending and pack separately the night before. As parents, we had to create a massive checklist of what we might need and anticipate each and every problem that might arise in the foreign country. I tell you, I have a massive bag just for meds only. I had to buy calpol, anti histimine, make sure we had all the inhalers in case my daughters cough gets worse, nappy ointments, after sun lotion etc. As for her food, although my baby is baby led, we had to buy pre packaged puree in case she gets hungry along with her own sippy cup and bib. That doesn't end there, we had to pack loads of nappies and nappy sack. I know some of them you can just buy anywhere but I am not familiar with Sardinia nor would I risk being unprepared.  Winging it doesn't work anymore when you are thinking about someone other than yourself.

So why did we end up in Sardinia? For one, BA just started flying off here. Introductory flights means cheaper fare and more value for money. Why Chia? Cause our resort caters for kids. Also, we think it's good enough for our Bella and it didn't disappoint. If you have read my Corfu entry, it's more or less the same quality minus the adults only holiday.

It's our second day in Sardinia today. We arrived yesterday and drove through Pula which is the next town near Chia. We got lost looking for a supermarket. As you know, we do like spending money on the best resorts but we like keep a tight budget. :) Had to buy provisions as per usual and have seen some amazing produce.

These are some of the pictures from today. I'm trying to blog from my phone so I won't forget but it's damn hard when you're not techy and you are old, you are set on your ways. Hehehehe.

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