Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Family Holiday Day 3: Nora and The beach

I just realised that once you have a child, your holiday will never be the same again. You may be able to choose where you want to go but all the activities will be dictated by them. You are dependent on their schedule, their mood, their current well-being. You put their needs first. I think now I understand what sacrificing entails.  I'm not talking about just our holiday, but my life and career in general.

Now that we have Bella, going to the beach is not as simple as bring the towel and water and go. It's now, bring the tent, the change of clothes, nappy bag, toys and provisions. I know it sounds crazy brining a tent to holiday but it makes a world of difference when you have a baby. It means you have somewhere to put everything, you have a private changing area, breast feeding area and comfortable sleeping area. Although the hotel provides towel, their beach doesn't allow for toilets or baby changing facilities. Like I said, the key to taking a child on holiday is being prepared and anticipating all their future needs. 

We had a lovely day at the beach. It's averaging 30 here which is a nice change compared to England. The beach just 5 mins drive from the resort is very clean with very fine sand.. Bella enjoys every minute of it. Although she haven't learnt that sand isn't food yet. How do you stop a child from putting sand in their mouth? The first she put a handful of sand on her mouth, I freaked out. I washed her hand but she did it again.  I guess she just have to find out for herself and learn.

This was her today after eating the sand.

I can't help it. We had to do something other than the beach and buying provisions. Last night, I googled places to visit and it came up with Nora. When we got there, I realised that we drove on the area the day before. When I told Luke, he said he can't remember. Men!!! 

Nora has both the beach and the Roman ruins. This isn't the first ruins that I've been but it's one of the interesting ones. Maybe because I never pay attention nor pay for tours.  I love how this tour tell you how the Roman lives doing their period in Sardinia.

We only had to pay 7.50 euros per adult and our child got in for free.  The ruins is not ideal for people on a wheelchair or kids that are not able to walk on their own. We learnt the hard way when we had to carry our stroller through the steps. You can't pass any stage. It's like going in Ikea when you have to pay by each room to get to the end. Although there are ramps, on most area, you will need someone to carry your wheelchair or pram. 

Our hotel, Chia Laguna caters to kids. We agreed that if Bella is still not tired when the baby disco starts, then we will take her. She thoroughly enjoyed the disco and even started taking steps. PS I'm not pregnant. This angle and dress doesn't do me any justice and for the life of me, I don't know what possessed me to buy it. Anyway, after baby disco, we got tricked into joining the minute to win it competition at the hotel. We were told to stay only to get told that we need to participate. Luke totally  participated. Glad I have him to represent our team. 

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