Sunday, 21 May 2017

Family Holiday Day 7: Tuerredda

It was our last day today in Chia. Tomorrow, we will be back in England where it will rain nonstop for a week.  I am sure this will be a shock to the system for us.  Out of the 7 days that we are here, there was only a day when it was cloudy.  Even then, you can still hang out on the pool.

Can I ask, do you make friends on holiday?  We don't.  Our philosophy is, we are on holiday and we don't have to be nice to people if we want to.  Of course we are nice to the people that serve us.  We appreciate all the efforts of the people who make our stay nice but we are never chummy with the other guests.  I have made enough friends on my lifetime, thank you very much.  We do smile and make small talks but we never carpool to go on trips or have dinner together.  We like to keep to ourselves because it gives us freedom to do whatever we want. 

In the morning, we went to the Chia Laguna Spaggia.  I did my usual walk on the the beach.  It was very hot but it was windy.  At one point, I got scared that my daughter got hit by the sun lounger.  Good thing I was holding her then.  In the afternoon, we drove to Tuerredda.  It was 15 minutes away from the hotel but it's good to explore and see other beaches just to compare what we have. :)

I am a bit shock by nudity in Sardinia. I am not a prude but I've never seen so much topless women on a daily basis.  To be fair, this is my first time on Italian beach side.  I have been to other countries but we always travel off peak so I can't compare my experience.  Tuerredda is a family beach.  I've seen kids rock pooling, swimming and playing by the beach.  No sun lounger present but they have a restaurant on site and toilet facilities.  There is parking but you have to pay depending on how long you are staying.  It can be anywhere from 3 euros and up.  The restaurant is open but they close the kitchen early so make sure to check if you want to order cook meal. 

We had our usual buffet in the restaurant and ended the day with baby disco.  It's time to pack for us now.  I can't believe that our holiday is over. :(

Look how tanned out baby is.  Her skin tone is in between me and my husband.

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