Thursday, 18 May 2017

Family Holiday Day 4: Cagliari and The Beach

I don't mean to complain but I'm getting sick of the morning beach routine. I know I should be thankful as it was pouring back home but I get so bored quickly. I haven't learnt the art of relaxing yet.  Today wasn't a great day to go to the beach either. It was cold and windy.  We did try and entertain ourselves by playing burying the baby in the sand which she got out of straightaway. Brave girl.

How do you dress your little one on the beach? Do you put him/her on all in one or cute swimming costume? I tend to put mine in cute swimming costumes but today, since it was cold, I put all in one over it.  It made so much difference with cleaning up the sand.  With the all in one, the sand doesn't reach her fat fold nor her nappy.  It's basically, pagpag and go. :-p

Last night, my crazy self can't sleep so I googled places to visit in the area.  The top areas are mostly beaches.  If we went on a holiday as a couple, we will probably consider driving to the beaches but since we have a child and the towels and bucket and spades are provided for by the resort, we opted to let go of the other beaches.  After all, our beach is very nice. 

Today, we decided to go to Cagliaria. It was the main town in Sardinia.  This is where the airport is located as well.  We decided to see the town and the churches that it was famous for.  We knew that the roads are steep but we didn't know how much stairs we need to take.  We did bring a light stroller for the trip but with a baby and a light stroller, it is still a lot to carry coupled with the fact that we don't know where we are going exactly and how best to get there.  

Here are my tips from our experience today, take it or leave it: 

If you are like us with a small baby, I suggest going to Bastione Di Saint Remy.  It's a free overlooking area of Cagliari.  It is a good place for little kids to play as well.  I will warn you, the steps are steep and you have to walk for a long time but it's worth seeing Cagliari on that angle.  Did I mention that it's Free?

If you are planning on visiting the churches, I suggest double checking the opening times and plan exactly what you want to see as there are 8 or so churches in the area.  We went to Sant' Antonio Abate and San Agostino because it was open but most of the churches we've seen along the way are closed.  I'm not sure if it's the timing or we were on the wrong entrance.  Either way, there are steps to get in on most of them.  

If you are like us and you drove yourself to town, we parked in front of the port near Roma.  The parking is free from 1pm to 4pm but your have to pay from 4pm to 8pm.  Make sure you have cash ready and pay the person wearing a reflector vest.  It would be near the Hublot Lounge.  I only remember as my husband is a watch man. 

 We got lost driving today.  Where's the fun on being right all the time?!  It wasn't a big deal but we ended up in a tunnel and Luke didn't have time to work out where the overhead lights are.  It was scary at the time considering health and safety but we laughed about it ones we were on the right road.  Thank God for phone GPS.  Currently, my daughter and husband are sleeping and I can't wait to join them.  Just feel like I need to share today as I tend to forget about a lot of things these days. 

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