Friday, 19 May 2017

Family Holiday Day 5: Flamingo Hunt and Chia Torre

If you're into relaxing by the beach, then definitely go to Chia.  Apart from the fact that it's far away from everything, it's top 5 places to visit are beaches.  There is Cagliari which is an hour away and Nora which is half an hour if you want change of pace.  Now, if you are not driving, then you are probably going to struggle. Make sure your hotel are half board like us or full board.  During off peak, most of the stores and restaurants are closed.  Also, consider siesta time.  I think siesta is from 1-4pm.  If you need something, make sure you have it by then.  In Chia Laguna, the closest store is the Luna Market.  Definitely overpriced and not recommended.  We went to Conad in Pula but you have to be patient to access it.  It is by the roadside but it doesn't have direct access from the road.  I know it doesn't make sense but you have to drive there to know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Best thing about Chia are the flamingo sanctuaries.  You can see them in their natural habitat.  There is a 10 minute walk from Chia Laguna Resort but you have to walk to see as there are no stopping on the road.  You can't interact with them.  It is not a petting zoo after all. :P
We wanted to see how it's like in the Chia Torre.  I assumed that we can go up and walk with the baby on a stroller.  I tell you, holidaying with a child is so different.  We may be able to push her up but we don't know what the conditions are up there or if it's safe for her.  The Chia Torre is not guided and you have to go up at your own risk.  Not that it's unsafe.  I saw a lot of people going up in there.  I am sure that it's not for us.  Bella can sit still at the moment.
There is a beach near Chia Torre where you can park.  They do have changing and toilet facilities by the beach entrance and they have one small store.  I also saw a picnic area.  It looks quite public to me and I am not sure if there will be beach umbrellas and chairs for rent during peak season so I suggest coming prepared.

Had a lovely time sitting by the beach today.  The proprietor kept on playing classic rock mixed with Red Hot Chili Peppers but he kept on skipping the RHCP mid song. He probably is not a fan but had it on shuffle on his iPod.
The photo above was taken on one of the beaches near Chia Laguna. I love this picture so much.  I feel like it represented the landscape of Sardinia.  Tomorrow is my birthday.  Let's see what Mr Banks  have in mind although we don't really do Birthday surprises. :P

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