Saturday, 22 August 2009

Antwerp/Brussels, Belgium

We left Rotterdam at 9:55AM with no plans of stopping by at Antwerp but when the train stops at Antwerpen Centraal, we couldn't help but leave the train. We intend to stay for an hour and take the 12:03 train to Brussels Midi but that all change when we saw the place. Aside from the fantastic high street that I was talking about, Antwerp is full of surprises. We saw a square lined with cafes and restaurants before the Grote Markt and each turn you see an old church. I really like it. I wish we had more time on our hands. Plus the weather is perfect during that day. The place isn't congested as well.

 Cafes in Grote Markt.
 City Hall on the background and Statue of Brabo.
Guildhouses on the square.
Fantastic fascade isn't it?

Interested?  Download your map of Antwerp here -


We only have 4ish hours to spare when we got to Brussels. My sister's only wish is to see the Atomium as it's a famous landmark of Brussels. So that's our first destination. From Brussels Midi, we took the Number 6 train to Heysel. We spent 20 minutes taking photos of the place, the travel time is longer than the time spent taking photos. It was 3PM when we got to Gare Central. We had a 30 minute lunch there and spend the remaining time at Grote Markt. I wanted to take my sister at Jubel Parc but didn't get enough time. It was only 2 stops away from Gare Central where the Grote Markt is located.

St Michael and Gudula Cathedral.
My sister doesn't know who Tintin is. :P Van Gogh statues on the background.
Mannekin Pis - means little man urinating in Dutch.
This street is lined with restaurants.
Galleries of St Hubert lined with expensive shops.
Chocolate Museum. Love it!

If you love museums, Brussels is the city for you.  I've never been in any place with museum on every corner!  

To help you with your Belgium trip, please visit this website -

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