Saturday, 22 August 2009

Den Haag, Scheveningen, Delft

 In Netherlands and Belgium, you can exit a train station without the actual exit barrier unlike here in the UK. So you can hop in and hop off the trains until you reach your final destination. This results to unplanned stops on me and my sister's part. We already paid for the tickets, might as well use it while we still have time to explore. :P

Disclaimer:  I don't know if this is legal.  We hopped in and hopped off without thinking.


 Javier Marin Sculpture.
Peace Palace

If you want to visit Den Haag, please go to this website -


Scheveningen is one of the most famous beaches and tourist destination in Netherlands.  There are so much to do in there from bungee jumping, water sports, swimming, dining alfresco, relaxing, shopping.  They have nudist beach at the end of the beach too.  :P  I've never seen anything like it on my European trip.  The shore is super long and the sand is very fine.

 AMAZING seashore!  It is this wide!
Dining alfresco.  At night time, this doubles as clubs and bars.


I had an impression that most Unis are in Delft.  I haven't seen so much young  dutch people until I got here.  The canals are so pretty.  It feels like a small Amsterdam.

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