Saturday, 8 August 2009

Go APE!!!

I've always wanted to try this since the time that I saw the teaser online. I may be scared of heights, health and safety but I won't let my "paranoia" beat me. We left Reading at 11AM yesterday and got on the wrong train. Good thing it stopped at Wokingham and we took the train to Bracknell from there. We arrive at Bracknell at nearly 12noon and took the bus from the station. We had a hard time figuring out which bus to take cause the people doesn't know where the Swinley Forest is. To make the story short, we arrive 1.5 hours prior to our appointment and spent few minutes eating and walking in the Forest Area. It was pleasantly surprised with what Bracknell can offer. So different from Reading, where I live. They have Coral Reef, public pool with pressure water and Sauna for cheap price and a Science Discovery Centre. Plus I heard they are planning to develop the city centre.

Go ape is very similar to tree top adventure in Asia.  They have few options now in the Philippines but since I've tried it and didn't really excite, I didn't dare go again.  Plus I think this activity is better done with a big group.  My friends and I have definitely conquered our fears.  It was very easy when you see more "chicken" going before you.  At least that how it works for me.  :)

If you want to book a go ape adventure, please go to this link -

Don't forget:

1.  To eat an hour before your tree top adventure.  
2.  Stretch!  My body hurts like hell the next day.
3.  Wear comfortable clothing.  I mean stretchy clothes, T-shirts, trainers with socks.
4.  Go for it and have fun!  :)

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