Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dancing on Port St. Bernard, Paris

Since Luke and I have been to Paris before and we both have been to all the tourist spots, I made sure that this trip will be as culturally filled as possible.  When I googled Paris festivals, I got excited as they were so many during the summer.  All I needed to do was to choose which one will suit us and which one would be exciting for us to do.

I have always pictured dancing beside the River Seine to be very romantic.  I expected slow dance with champagne in hand but it turns out, it was salsa night!  Everyone had their salsa hips on which intimidated the both of us.  Even normal looking guys can dance!  In the end, Luke and I watched people move their salsa hips and left.  That same night, Luke and I made a pact to enrol to Salsa class once we were back in England.  We need a bit of social dancing in our lives!

The walk back from Port St. Bernard at night time is amazing.  There were so many buskers.  Near Notre Dame, we stumble upon a group of Jazz singers.  The voice of the man was so authentic I felt like I was back in the prohibition era.  Yes, I went that far.  :P  I would love to live in Paris in the future.  I love the whole Paris vibe.  

The same night, Luke and I explored the Latin Quarters towards St. Germain.  The area is filled with cafes, restaurants and pubs.  I love the laid back style.  I hate the rip off drinks price after happy hour.  A little flute of champers is 10 Euros.  People watching is amazing in this area too.  Too many bearded, slim and tall guys.  Total feast for my eyes!!! 

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