Thursday, 22 August 2013

Notre Dame Hotel, Paris

Luke and I turned 1.  This is the main reason why we went for another holiday.  1 year, paper anniversary.  Luke paid for accommodation and I paid for I can't remember now.  :-P  As it was our paper anniversary, I gave Luke a love letter that he didn't expect inside a Prada wallet.  I do like to splurge on my non-designer(with his shoes as an exception) wearing husband.  

I have never noticed this before but French people are terrible with their customer service.  Luke rang the boutique hotel before we left Rouen to ask for parking directions.  Originally when he rang, he was told that the daily rate was 17 Euros, that morning, he was informed that it was 24 per day and when we arrived, it was 35 Euros.  When we asked the lady in the reception where to park with cheaper rates, she smirk and told us that it is the same everywhere without giving us ideas where to park.  I don't expect that customer service especially if we have to pay £150 a night.  The following day, it rained, we asked for umbrella and we were told, no we don't have any left.  I expect people to at least pretend and look but nothing.  I am still annoyed thinking about this.

Stay at this hotel if you want to be centrally located.  The view is amazing, I can't deny that.  Walking at River Seine is lovely at night time too.  Notre Dame is less than 5 minutes walk, Parthenon is less than 10 minutes and 15 for Jardin du Luxembourg.  The love lock bridge for lovers is less than 5 minutes walk and for the undying love, it can be 30 minutes walk or 3 train stops away.  For 150 a night, you pay for a compact room without fridge, just telly, shower without bath with shampoo/soap and lotion toiletries.  Breakfast is not even included.  Stay away if you want peace and quiet.  You can't get that in Latin quarters.  During our stay, we here sirens go every night and traffic.  Double glazing can't do anything with the traffic noise.  Lucky for me, I am used to it.  

And oh, if you like being connected in the WWW, stay away from this place.  The wi-fi is horrendous!  It goes off every 10 minutes.  
Double bed.  This is the actual width of the room.  
This photo was taken from our room.  This is what 150 a night is for.  That and the Christian Lacroix designed rooms.

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