Saturday, 24 August 2013

Love Lock Bridge, Paris

According to my research, there are 2 different love lock bridges in Paris.  Each one has its own significance.  Ponts des Arts is for committed love and Pont de L'Archeveche is for lovers.  As tourists, we went to both.  :-P  Pont de L'Archeveche is just behind Notre Dame whilst Ponts des Arts is infront of Louvre.  I don't have particular interest to this but since it was our anniversary, I want it to be cheesy as possible.

Here are some of the professional looking locks that we saw.  Love really is a serious business. :)

Versus the lock that we use:

This didn't almost happen.  I wanted it to be perfect that I didn't find the perfect lock.  Not even Ebay can save us.  At the end, we bought a normal lock without a key.  So much for throwing the key in the river.  I was such a bitch the previous day that I kept on dropping hints that if we didn't find a lock, then we should go back in the future to do it.  I think Luke had enough of spending.  This year has alone, we have been to 3 trips, Morocco, Greece then France.  Czech Republic is in the works too.  Maybe that would be the final trip for this year. :)

Right after the Louvre, Luke and I had a big blow out.  I wanted to have a perfect photo infront of the Louvre where they had the glassy pyramid but I didn't get mine and I got so upset.  It was so irrational.  I have been to Paris twice before this trip and twice I took a photo with it on the background.  I even have photos on two different seasons.  I told you, irrational.  I spent an hour(probably) a little upset then we head to Galleries La Fayette.  I have to be honest, I am a bit disappointed.  It is nice inside but a little cramped.  Imagine Harrods but with big dome in the centre.  I am a Selfridges girl by heart still.  We had nothing to do after so we head back to the hotel, rested and left in time for dinner.

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Joshua Coaldrake said...

Love is definitely a serious matter. Cheesy as it may seem, placing locks on the bridges can be very meaningful. It's one heck of a symbolism. Nevertheless, invest in a lock that cannot just be easily unlocked by others. Cheers!


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