Thursday, 22 August 2013

Giverny - Paris

If there is one thing I love about road trips, it is the fact that we were not time bound.  You can wake up any time you please (apart from when there is free breakfast which is usually until 11AM) and you can leave whenever, until check out time of course.  :)

Rouen was nice but it is good for a day or two.  I am a big city girl and my body craves for traffic, noise and overpopulation.  I am weird that way.  I haven't appreciated solidarity yet.  I am still young, I have loads of time for that in the future.  :-P

Giverny is an hour and a half away from Rouen and an hour an a bit to Paris.  It is famous for being Monet's town.  Yup, Claude Monet the French impressionist.  It was his garden and pond that inspired most of his paintings.  For weeks, we went back and forth discussing between driving and taking the Eurostar and decided that it would be fun driving plus Luke bought Z4 this year and Euro road trip is the only reason why I am letting him keep that car.  *evil stare*

Few things you should know about Monet House and Garden:

1.  It is not free.   The house and garden is 9.50 Euros and with the museum visit, it is about 19 Euros.  We only went to the garden and house as I've been to bigger museums before and I've seen Monet's work.  Living in Europe has its perks.  British museums are the best!  Most of them are free unless they have a private exhibition.

2.  Parking is free.  Hurray!

3.  Food in the area is expensive.  We may own a Z4 but we are very reasonable with spendings.  To give you an idea, a small beer is 6 Euros.

4.  You can book in advance online.  Alternatively, arrive early as there is queueing.  Monet house and gardens and the museum is the only attraction in the area.  

Inspired by this painting

You get the idea.  :)  The place is very very scenic.  I can see why Monet was inspired.  What's surprising about this trip were the paintings on his house.  They were all from Japanese era.

Find me!!!

 I can easily blend in in the garden!
Floral top and floral skirt FTW!

Although I slept so much the previous night, I slept throughout the drive to Paris.  I only woke up near Le Defense.  I recognise the area as we stayed there the first time we visited France.  :)

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