Friday, 15 May 2015

15.05.2015: Lisbon

When I blog, I blog weeks behind.  Not really a sign of a good blogger.  If I have been blogging about fashion, I would be deemed irrelevant.  :P  When I started blogging, I used to get excited to write about my day - I used to have a personal blog, a fashion blog and a travel blog separated from each other. And now, I stick to what I know best as there's such a thing as over sharing and as I get older, spending every dime on clothes seems to be not my priority anymore.  
I turned 30 on the 20th of May, like I said, I write weeks behind.  Today is the 21st of July.  I have been procrastinating with my blogs.  I like to write when the time is right and I can't seem to find time these days for writing.

I didn't plan to go to Lisbon.  I have envisioned myself lounging in Mexico with Margarita in hand but I had to let go of plans as 1.  I wanted to celebrate my birthday with people that matters 2.  There is a big holiday coming as my brothers is getting married in less than 10 days and we need to go back to Asia.  As I was saying, I wanted to make a big deal out of my 30th because I am not someone who likes to celebrate my birthday but not everything happens according to plan.  Each and everyone that I have invited backed out.  How that does make me feel?  I don't even have a big group of friends and I don't like making fake acquaintances.  I am still sore about this but WTH it is just life.  I am just thankful that I have my husband who is extremely loving who held me when I was crying on my 30th birthday wallowing on self-pity.

I have very fond memories of Lisbon.  It was one of the countries that I visited with friends and remembered truly enjoying myself.  I visited during the time that I had my heart broken properly.  I thought I wasn't gonna recover and all the BS but less than a year later, I found my husband.  I am so thankful to K who trampled it, otherwise, I will be in a miserable relationship.  :P  

I had a picture in that fountain whilst it was being renovated in 2009 - inside the water being stupid in the afternoon.  I felt fearless and was on a holiday high.  :P
At first I thought Lisbon looks like a toilet tiled everywhere.  Not to offend anyone but when I first went, I wasn't as well travelled now.  It is amazing seeing different tile patterns and remembering that Portugal was once a powerful country.
 EGG TART!  Need I say more?  Lisbon is very well-known for their Portugese Egg Tart.  Flaky yummy goodness.  We had one each day and we took some back home which my sister devoured in seconds and asked where I purchased them.  Hahaha

Our first day was spent walking around Old Lisbon town.  As I have been, I didn't plan on doing anything else.  I initially wanted to go to Santa Justa Lift but seeing the reviews, we decided against it.  It is not free to go in.  You can just about see the sights anywhere higher than the old town.  As we were walking, we ended up in Rua Agusta Arch which stores all the Inditex brand, Lisbon Cathedral and Mira Duoro.  It was such a lovely day that I burnt my self.  You see, England is hardly any sunshine all day of the year.  :P

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