Saturday, 16 May 2015

16.05.2015: Fatima

I am not extremely religious.  Like, it is a Sunday today but I am blogging when I am supposed to be in church.  You won't see me debating with anyone about religion anytime soon as I think it is a waste of time to impose such things to non-believers.  But I do believe in God, I do believe in miracles and I let God's plan take over my life.  I was born and raised as a Catholic and luckily, my husband is too.  It wasn't very important when I was younger and dating blindly but now, I am thankful for God for sending me my husband.  

Fatima is a religious site 100km outside Lisbon.  It is where Mama Mary said to have appeared and very important to all Catholics.  It is a Pilgrim site and Catholics all over the world come to visit there.  We were lucky when we got there as they just had the Big Fatima Celebration.  Lucky that we missed as it was so busy just to get to the chapel.  It was off peak when we visited and the parking is free.  Don't be shocked when you see people walking on their knees and praying or when you see people getting pushed in a wheelchair praying for a miracle.  I, for one, felt extremely lucky to be there.  Blessed that I was in the Holy Site not needing any miracle.  I was just thankful for all the blessings that the Father and Mother has given over the years.  I am sorry this is turning to be a very "Praise the Lord" account but there is no other way about it.  I am a proud Catholic.a

Tips when visiting Fatima:

1.  Go early as it gets extremely hot on a flat area during the afternoons providing that it is summer or spring of course.

2.  Bring your own food and water.  There are picnic areas around the Church.  I only saw handful of restaurants and I am sure, they would charge you a lot.  

3.  Bring sun protection or if you are Hay Fever, bring meds.  We made the mistake of not bringing sun protection and had to buy from one of the stores which charged triple compared to England.  Can't fault the only pharmacy in the area.

4.  Have change ready for the candles.  If you want to bring offertory like flowers, you can too.

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Clara said...

I didn't know that the Fatima site was in Portugal! I kept thinking it was Spain. Thanks for sharing this! I'll share this with my mom, too, who's a devotee of the Our Lady of Fatima.


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