Sunday, 17 May 2015

17.05.2015: Praia da Adraga

The best holidays are the ones that are not planned.  Don't believe me.  There are pros and cons with the planned and unplanned holidays.  I used to fall on the former since I like to know what to do on a daily basis and not waste a dime sitting around on the hotel but since I like in Europe now, such a dream come true BTW, I can just fly anytime, provided I have visa, money and days off from work.

I am so selfish in this trip, since I have been, I am not very excited on the idea of going to Lisbon.  Luckily, this is one of the countries where Luke haven't been.  If you think I am well-travelled, I paled in comparison to my husband.  He lived in Australia, Kazakhstan and Thailand and he is only in his early thirties.  That's all because of his job.  So proud of your achievements babe.

All holidays are different.  It is all dependent on the weather, the company and that company's fun factor.  There is no such thing as boring one as different people have different ideas of holiday.  If I have to go to the beach, a do not disturb sign has to be assigned next to me.  My idea of heaven is sun + tan + books + food and alcohol.  What can I say, I am a very simple girl and it shows on my figure.  *evil laugh*

Praia da Adraga is not a very accessible beach.  It is very local if I have to say so myself.  Not very crowded either.  The beach is surfer's paradise.  The waves are massive when we got there at 10AM so I can imagine that it was bigger at 6AM.  It is very clean and not touristy at all.  There is nothing that my British husband hates than going to a place which is catered to the tourist.  There is only one restaurant/ bar, one public toilet.  Noone is on tour and there is noone offering braids, massages or any thing at all.  My tip is to be fully prepared when you go there - bring everything, food, drinks, entertainment, umbrella, sun lotion, toilet paper.  I mean everything you can think of.  I am assuming that you are renting a car so be prepared to get lost in the small narrow roads.  But be patient.  The beach is a gem just 40 minutes outside the city.  :)

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