Sunday, 31 May 2015

Village Experience: Bourton-On-The-Water

It is spring in England.  Now, spring doesn't guarantee good weather.  Having lived in England for a total of 6 years now, I can assure you that the weather is something that we can't predict.  The MET Office might say sunny now but it can change from hail to windy to rainy then back to being sunny again in one day.  That is four seasons for you people.  :P

I don't live in London.  Reading is a town 30 minutes by train to London Paddington.  Having lived in Reading is a blessing and a curse for me.  One one hand, it is near London but not near enough for me to go work in London and still make money and on the other hand, it is in between Oxford and London which are two major cities in my opinion.  

I have heard of Cotswold.  I just didn't realise how near it is to where we live.  I have assumed that it will be somewhere up north but it wasn't.  Bourton on the water is actually an hour and a half away from Reading by car.  It is a small quaint village maybe 30 minutes away from Oxford.  Having lived in the city all my life, this was a different experience for me.  Now, don't get any ideas.  Wokingham is as close to moving to a village for me.  I love being accessible to everything.

There are few things to do in Bourton on the Water:

1.  Bird Zoo
2.  Visit the Model Village
3.  Motor Museum
4. Do the Maze
5.  Walk around the village and picnic
6.  And my favourite, go to tea houses.  

Since this is our first time and we only paid for few hours pay and display for our parking, we ended up walking around the village and drinking coffee by the stream.  On a sunny day like today, there are kids playing on stream catching fishes and there are many ducks to be fed.  It is nice and relaxing and just something different from living in a city.

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