Sunday, 22 August 2010

Lengshuikeng Naked Hot Spring, Taiwan

One of the must-do in Taiwan is to go to the indoor hot springs. The problem is, which hot spring to go to?  I wanted an authentic local feel so I chose Lengshuikeng.  The hot spring is in the middle of the mountain surrounded by lush green trees and plants.  The road to Lengshuikeng is breath-taking.  Luke and I enjoyed it so much.

Thing to do before going to the hot spring:

1.  Shower.  Shower.  Shower.  They will know if you haven't showered yet.  I thought I can fool them but they asked me to wash myself first as I might contaminate the water.  True story.
2.  Bring your own towel, shampoo and soap.  
3.  Wash your feet before going to the spring.
4.  Don't be self-conscious.  Everyone is naked in the hot spring.  You will see everyone with different shapes and sizes.

A little reminder, you are not allowed to go if you are on your period.  Water is sacred to them.  Menstruation  is contamination.

If you are planning to go to Lengshuikeng, make sure you leave your accommodation early.  There is a big chance that you might get lost as the bus system is a bit tricky.  Ask your concierge to write in chinese characters too.  Plus better ask the visitor centre how to get there.  I think we asked in Jintian Visitor Centre for help.  

Read my blog entry here as this might help you a bit -

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