Monday, 23 August 2010

Yung Kee Restaurant

Foreigners are funny.  When they travel, they buy a book for that particular place.  I know cause I'm dating one.  I've been to Europe without buying a single book.  I just research and write down information.  

Luke and I chance upon a Michelin starred restaurant in HongKong.  As we both haven't been, we decided to go.  According to his travel book, they serve dumplings from 2PM.  Perfect as we had heavy breakfast.

The restaurant was packed but since they own the whole building, there were no shortage of tables, I assume.  We were seated on the 4th floor, the VIP Section.  I still don't know the reason why they took us there.  All I know is that, we were lucky to get a table.  :)

 Forcing the tripe on my mouth.  I was feeling adventurous.  I thought Luke will help me finish but I was wrong.  They were thick slices of tripe.  
 Luke eating his century egg.

 I felt like I'm in a mania style setting.  I can hear people playing mah-jong on the adjacent room.  
I hate century eggs.  The combination of slime and moss kills me.  I felt like a contender on fear factor.

Nearest MTR:  Pedder Street

To know more visit their website -

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