Monday, 23 August 2010

Ocean Park, Hong Kong

I wasn't able to do everything that I wanted to do during my first visit to HK so I asked dear boyfriend if I can do 2 things, first, Ocean Park and second, to visit Lantau Island.  He said "Let's get it done and over with" so we can relax on our remaining days together.  Going to Ocean Park is easy.  There is a direct bus service from Admiralty to Ocean Park where the ticket can also be purchased.  Dear boyfriend's first reaction was, "It is expensive!".  I retaliated with, "Disneyland is more expensive".  I guess he thinks that Ocean Park is just a themed park.  He was later surprised that the park have aviary, fishes and all things geeky for him.  :P

Hong Kong Ocean Park is good value for money.  It's aviary, fish aquariums,zoo and themed park rolled into one.  One day isn't enough to enjoy the whole park.  A definite must go for the whole family.

To know more about Hong Kong Ocean Park, click here -


Thristhan said...

The rides looks quite scary. Did you ride all of them?

Miss A said...

Yes we did ride everything! It was really fun but it wasn't that scary.


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