Sunday, 22 August 2010

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

 Luke broke the toilet seat and they laughed at him.  Embarrassed, he gave out a big tip.

I like themed restaurants. I especially like it when it's an odd combination.  Imagine toilet and food.  Growing up, I was only taught to eat in the table.  Eating in front of the TV is a big no-no.  I wonder what will my granny say if I tell her that I ate in the toilet.  Hmmmm.

We had difficulty finding the Modern Toilet Restaurant despite writing all the details down. I just remember getting off from the Ximen Station and passing the high street, left to the tattoo parlours and walking straight til I see the parking space.  On your right, the sign Modern Toilet Restaurant will welcome you.

For more information about Modern Toilet Restaurant, click here -


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