Sunday, 13 March 2011

Crocodile Park, Davao City

On our last full day at the city, Luke and I planned to go zorbing, ziplining and dining at Jack's ridge.  None of them materialise as Luke was killed by the durian shake.  More on that later.

On my previous blog, we went to Eden Mountain Resort and The Philippine Eagle Center.  On our way to Eden, a local at Davao recommended Davao Crocodile Park.  We wanted to skip this as we just been to Palawan Crocodile Farm but it is close to the Zorv and it was crazy not to go.  Turned out, we are both disappointed.  First, the Zorv is not as challenging as I think it is.  I went Zorbing in Boracay as little over a year ago and I can't be asked to do it again.  I mean, there is nothing special to it.  Luke was not convinced.  As for the Crocodile Park.  It was a waste of money.  The Palawan Farm is wayyyyy better.  We had guided tour there too.  In Davao Crocodile Park, you literally have to do everything yourself and there aren't any baby crocodiles around.  It was expensive too.  3 times what we pay for the Philippine Eagle Center and 6 times for him as he is a foreigner.  We both feel sorry for the animals.  They were trapped in small cages and looked miserable.  Instead of being happy with the visit, we left with very very heavy hearts.  :(  

Now for the durian shake story:

Luke:  You are having durian shake?!
Me:  Yeah.  Yeah. *very confident as if I had it before*
Durian shake arrived.  Took a sip on it and it tasted like it smelled - like sh*t.

To put it lightly, the durian gave Luke the runs and he is still experiencing it.  He is never making me choose a restaurant again and he doesn't wanna go back to Davao because of the durian smell.  Yikes!!!  He is traumatised.

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