Monday, 14 March 2011

Eden Nature Park, Davao

I've heard so much good things about this that I can not not go.  I don't know if I've mentioned this in my previous blog entries but Luke and I didn't have a concrete plan about Davao.  We only wrote things that we wanted to do and that's it.  No directions or addresses.  Nothing.  I expected to be greeted by tourist companies in the airport but we weren't.  

Whilst in the L3 to Catilan, I asked the driver how to get to the Eden Mountain Resort.  He said if we wanted to go, get off at Ulas and take a jeep to Toril and from Toril take a tricycle.  That's just what we did.  On our first day and the first time we took the taxi in Davao, the driver offered us to drive to Eden Mountain Resort, return for 2500PHP plus another 1000PHP for the crocodile farm. Good thing we didn't as we were both disappointed with both tourist spots.  I mean, coming from the Philippine Eagle and spending less than 500PHP everything will feel like a rip off.  Luke and I took the Shuttle Tour.  I remember telling Luke that I feel like I paid to hear advertisements.  :P  The spot overlooking Davao and seeing Luke touch Makahiya for the first time were the two good things that came out from it.

 The umbrella, our service to Eden Nature Park.  You have to bargain for the trip. We paid 400PHP for a return trip.  That's not a lot if you have to travel by umbrella for at least an hour each way.  I say embrace the experience all the way!!!
 The rip off meal that came with our entrance fee.  You have to go to the activity centre straightaway and pay for whatever you wanted to do.  This place doesn't come for free, they charge for everything!
Luke and I took the shuttle tour.  Perfect for camwhores.  Don't feel shy about asking Kuya to take photo of you.  They are highly trained.

If you wanna go to Eden Nature Park and Resort please go to this website -

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