Monday, 14 March 2011

Philippine Eagle Center, Davao

As I've mentioned on my previous blog, Luke wanted to go to the Philippine Eagle Center.  We are currently staying in Marco Polo and when we enquired, the tour would have cost us 9000PHP, that's like one YSL Arty Ring in my language.  :P

Here's what we did.  We open the guide book.  Luke wanted to take the taxi but I don't trust the taxi people here.  It's expensive and they don't give out change.  It's as if we are in Manila.  Anyway, the guidebook said that we have to get off to Calinan and take a motorcycle from there.  Luke asked if we still trust the book and I said yes.  I had to put all my trust to it as I hate the feeling of getting ripped off.  Thankfully, after more than an hour and 35km L3 and motorcycle ride, we reached the Philippine Eagle Center.  

Here's the breakdown of what we've spent versus the 9000PHP Marco Polo Tour.

L3 from CM Recto to Calinan - 80PHP for 2 people
Motorcycle Ride(As in single na motor)  -  100PHP as the guy didn't have change.  We were generous that day.  I was thinking," I want a pimped out tricycle".  We rode a single instead of tricycle.  It was so much fun.
Entrance to Philippine Eagle and Park -  55PHP each person
Motorcycle ride to the terminal - 30PHP

I am not a big fan of zoos but the Philippine Eagle is one of the must see place in Davao.  First, it is not a rip off.  I'll blog later about the Crocodile Park.  Second, the animals feels like they were in their natural habitat.  I can't say anything negative about it.  The Philippine Eagle Cafe is not a rip off too.  Luke and I had so much fun!

 Our ride to the PEC.  I don't believe how the motorcycle manage to get uphill.  I'm 120lbs at least and my boyfriend is 200lbs plus the driver.  These motorcycles are heavy duty!!!

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