Monday, 14 March 2011

Underground River Palawan

I've always wanted to go to the Underground River since I saw a show about it years ago but I never thought that it would actually happen.  We grew up with enough money for our daily necessities and going on trips obviously doesn't count as one.  I remember when I first learn what spelunking means.  I stopped using caving then.  It made me feel superior above my elementary schoolmates.  Self Centered Bitch.  

The Sabang Port is 2 hours away from Puerto Princesa City and from there, you have to travel half an hour to get to the Underground River.  The road to Sabang Port is long and winding with few rough roads in between.  People with motion sickness should definitely bring motion sickness medicine with them.  I fight mine with sleeping and will power.  After years of travelling by road, I am gonna say that I am not fully cured from my motion sickness.  :P  

I wasn't prepared for my Underground River trip.  I didn't know that I have to bring ID with me which I will need upon registration.  Our tour guide informed us halfway through the trip.  Good thing I got my wallet with me and inside I had my NBI ID Card.  I wouldn't have the heart to tell everyone about my mistake.  I hate being inconvenience to anyone.  

Inside the Underground River, expect darkness.  I asked our bangkero if we are allowed to bring our own flashlights and he said yes.  Vests and Hardhats were provided by the Underground Tour people but no flashlights.  It was too difficult to take photo.

We stopped by at Sabang Beach for lunch.  I was gutted that we booked in the City.  I really like the pristine White Sand and less touristy feel of Sabang Beach.  I was a bit depressed at this point and Luke did everything to cheer me up.  Thanks.  :)

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