Monday, 14 March 2011

Honda Bay Island Hopping

The Honda Bay tour was organised by Marina de Bay. 

Our Honda Bay Tour consists of 3 Islands - Pambato, Snake and Pandan Island.  On all 3 islands, we were allowed to snorkel, feed fishes and swim.  

The Pambato Island is good for feeding fishes.  Snorkling wise, I've seen better.  They have more corals than fishes.  The water isn't clear too.  It's like coming from Lubang and seeing Manila Bay water polluted.  

Snake Island was very surprising.  The sand is very fine and the water is very clear.  The gem is under the water.  I thought Kuya was exaggerating when he told me that they have thousands in a school of fishes there but he wasn't.  I've never seen so much fishes of the same kind at one time.  It was really breath taking sight.  I tried taking a clear video of Luke but my camera isn't powerful enough.  It's ancient.  LOL!

It was too hot when we got to Pandan Island so I decided to ate another halo-halo(cause I had one in Snake Island too).  It wasn't that expensive considering that there are only 2 stores there.  One sells for 75PHP and the other 40PHP.  We went for the 40PHP of course.  We also had a massage for 100PHP for half an hour service.  It was very nice. I felt better after and Luke felt worse.  Poor Banks.

I had to tell you, the bitch in me unleashed the devil that day.  It struck twice.  First in Snake Island when Luke took my camera out from the underwater casing to dry out as the water was getting into it and when he tried to put it back, he couldn't and the second was when we couldn't find a tricycle which will take us to Marina de Bay.  After the Honda Bay tour, Luke and I decided to explore Puerto Princesa City but there was nothing to explore.  If you are planning to go to Puerto Princesa, I suggest packaging a tour with your accommodation or get into a guided tour.  Tours can be organised upon arrival to Puerto Princesa.  You'll see when you arrive at the airport.

Fins, Masks and Under Water Casings can be rented out in Honda Bay Wharf.
Fins - 100PHP a pair
Masks - 100PHP
Under Water Casing - 250PHP

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