Thursday, 8 March 2012

2.25.12: Kwality Restaurant, Delhi

Let's breakdown the anatomy of an Indian meal shall we?
1.  Mint Dip  2.  Pickled Onions  3.  Pickled Mangoes  4.  Naan  5.  Kebab  6.  Rogan Josh  7.  Biryani
Food are usually served with a dip and pickled mangoes and onions.  You don't have to use any of it if you don't want to.  I usually use spoon and fork, like a proper filo.  But in India, I try to blend in by using my hand.  :)

Luke and I had no idea where to eat for our first night in Delhi so we consulted our guide book.  We initially wanted to eat at a restaurant which name I forgot but found the place too dodgy so we went to Connaught Place to look for Kwality instead.  I tell you, the way they number the building tenants was horrible.  You jump from highest number to lowest.  Anyway, we finally stumbled upon it after circling the whole regal building.

We ordered Kebab and Chicken with Gravy(I think it must be Chicken Rogan Josh) with Biryani and naan.  I loved the naan, just like any other form of indian bread,the sauce was just what I've expected but hated the chicken on my dish.  It tasted almost uncooked.  Luke later told me not to order any chicken dish on the trip to avoid disappointment.  He had kebab but the taste I can't remember.  The dish was nothing special.  I don't know why it was recommended on the guidebook.  The price was okay but for better food and price, I'd rather go to Karim's.

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