Saturday, 10 March 2012

J's Inn, New Delhi

J's Inn is 15 minutes or so drive away from Indira Gandhi International Airport.  It have 20 rooms with 4 executive suites and by far the worst accommodation we've been in.  The room was dark.  The flush fell when I used it and when I tried to wash my hand, the tap fell into my hands too.  They have the usual hot and cold shower with minimal toiletries.  The bath looked so old it needs refurbishment.  If that's not worse, the door is rotting.  I can't believe that this is what you get for 6,000 Rupees a night in the area far from all the attractions.  Oh I have to add, when we checked out, we found all 3 guys on duty sleeping.  This added to the disappointment of the sad room.

If  there's three good things it's the usual cable TV, complimentary drinks and welcome fruit and the guard who usually helped us in getting a taxi.  I strongly suggest dodging this place.  If you already book, then I hope you didn't pay for the full price.

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