Tuesday, 13 March 2012

3.2.12-3.3.12: Candolim Beach, Goa

2 things that I didn't realise prior to my trip to Goa - 1. Not all beaches are located in an island and 2.  not all sands in famous asian beaches are white.  I now know how ignorant I was.  Luke made me realise how lucky I am living in the Philippines where white sand is normal.

In Goa, we stayed in Candolim.  Candolim is 2 km away from Calangute which is a backpackers haven and Baga beach.  It's not as busy as Calangute which is a good sign if you wanna relax.  There is an abundance of restaurants and bars catering to different cuisines, small spas everywhere and there is a guaranteed flea market every 5 minutes or so of walking.  The beach is busier than the streets though.  The sea shore is wide which I like, lined with the usual sun beds.  Most of them are free if you buy a drink or snack from their bars.  Local woman selling sarongs and tunics are rampant.  Most women who sell sarong would also offer massages on the beach, manicure and pedicure.  The current is very strong.  I don't think you can swim in the water.  It is good to play in the water though.  You can tell by my video that I had fun.  :)

Do not underestimate the waves.  This photo was taken before I hit my head in the sand and scratched my shoulder.  I wouldn't advise kids to go unsupervised.


Sherly said...

Hey nice to read your experience at Candolim Beach in goa.

Ailema Feliciano said...

Hi Sherly! Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

Goa's fantastic! I wish it wasn't dry days when we visited though. We weren't able to party. Hehehe.

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