Friday, 9 March 2012

2.26.12: Karim's Restaurant

Bustling with tourist and locals alike, Karim's must be one of the busiest restaurants in India.  It was situated just a few minutes walk across Jama Masjid in Old Delhi, you have to queue up just to get a seat.  My first thought when the auto dropped us was, this can't be the place.  We almost didn't go as I feared that the auto might have dropped us to the wrong area.  The street looked dodgy and worse of all, you have to go through a small narrow alley before you can get to the restaurant.  It wasn't a long walk but for a paranoid person like me, it felt ages.  Thank God Luke was with me.  We were hungry, he was persistent.  It turns out to be the be one of the best restaurants that we've been in.  We ordered their famous kebab, minced mutton and mutton biryani.  They were delicious, the size ample and very affordable.  Our bill came to less than 500 Rupees.  Definitely money's worth!
Kebab Station.
This was how busy it was when we finished at 3ish PM.
Freshly made breads.
  • Come early as Karim's is a very busy restaurant.  It took two people less than 30 minutes to get seats at 2PM.
  • Try their kebab as that's what the restaurant is famous for.
  • And as a general rule, don't drink tap water.

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