Saturday, 17 March 2012

3.5.12: Candolim & Aguada Bike Tour

Are you staying in Candolim area?  Have you rented a motor bike and still have few hours to spare?  I think this "quickie" activity will suit you.

I woke up earlier than expected in our last day in Goa.  I felt like I needed to explore the place some more.  Luke on the other hand felt like sleeping still.  He was knackered driving me around Goa.  I wanted to take photo of Calangute for this blog but he didn't like the busy vibe there so we ended up exploring the Candolim area instead.

There are few places that you can't miss when visiting Candolim & Aguada:

1. Aguada Fort

I think there are two ways to get to the Aguada Fort. One following the Taj Holiday Village route overlooking the Sinquerim beach and the other by following the road signs to Aguada Fort and Aguada Jail.  Here's a map to illustrate better:

route a.  Following Taj Holiday Village(Vivanta by Taj) signs.
route b.  Following the road signs to Aguada Fort and Aguada Jail.

 2.  Sinquerim Beach

A very stunning beach with white sand. This is quieter than most beaches in Goa. A stone throw away from Aguada Fort(route a).
3. Aguada Jail

Photography not allowed. :P  
The Aguada Jail is a fully functional jail still.
Curiosity lead us here when we didn't like what we saw in Aguada Fort following route b.  Luke and I agreed that we've been to better fort, like the Red Fort in Delhi.

It is very interesting to drive around Goa because you will see cows and elephants on the road. I used to see elephants every morning when I visited my mum in Thailand for 6 weeks.  In India, seeing cows on the road is normal.  Monkeys are everywhere in Jaipur and Agra.  

Here are few things that you need to know when you are driving in Goa:

1.  You need a license in case the police stops you.
2.  Helmet is a must.  We did use helmet on our trip but we saw lots of people without it.
3.  You will be driving in intersections and busy roads.  Stay alert for incoming vehicles and animals.  Remember you are in India and cows, elephants, dogs and any sort of animals are free to roam around the streets.
4.  Do not forget to check your horn.  In India, everyone uses the horn.  In turning, you need the horn so is when you need to overtake.

We only saw elephants in the morning.  I am assuming that this must be an early morning blessing.

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