Saturday, 17 March 2012

Where to Eat in Goa?

We love to eat as much as we love to travel.  Wherever we were, Luke and I would always eat good food or at least try the area's speciality.  In the mornings, we get free breakfast buffet from our hotel, snacks/crisps for lunch and we go to restaurants for dinner.  These were the restaurants that we tried in Goa.

1.  Gato Loco

I picked this restaurant because I liked the al fresco ambiance and the small bulb lights.  Yes, I am gay that way.  I had enough of curry at this point on our holiday and wanted to eat normal food.  I saw Paella and that did it for me.
I was happy when I saw my order as it was stuffed with seafood.  Taste wise, I was disappointed.  Biryani rice was used instead of the normal paella rice and it was strong on spices.  I ate seafood only. :)  Luke liked his meal on the other hand.  I tried it but wasn't really satisfied.

The owner was very entertaining.  She asked if I liked my meal and I had to lie and said yes.  Our meal came to 800 Rupees which I think was okay.  Tax is included in the menu price too.  

2.  Republic of Noodles

Is located in Lemon Tree Amarante Hotel and is Times Food Awardee for the year 2010-2011 as 'Best Pan Asian Restaurant in North Goa'.  It serves South East Asian Cuisine.  

I was very surprised how much effort they put in the interior of the restaurant.  It is Asian themed .  We ordered Tom Yum for starter, I had beef rendang and Luke had Thai noodles.  The tom yum wasn't as spicy as I liked it to be.  My beef rendang tasted amazing but they cooked it in thai red curry style.  I wonder if I actually had beef as cows are sacred in India. They even beep shows cooking with beef.  Luke didn't like his Thai noodles.  He got high standards with Thai food as he used to live there.  The serving is massive.  

Our bill was expensive.  We paid over 2,100 Rupees for everything.

3. Over the Flames, The Crazy Mango Tree

According to Luke's theory, it was called the crazy mango tree because the mango tree that they had on the restaurant had it's roots sticking out everywhere.  It looked like a mutated log with roots on both ends.  

We found this restaurant on our night motor bike ride tour to Calangute.  Initially, Luke wanted me to pick a place to eat but I can't decide.  Decision making isn't my strongest point.  :P  I was overwhelmed but how much choices I have.  

We wanted to eat Goan food.  Goan food I found are mostly seafood meals.  We ordered fish for starter, a kingfisher which costed 700 Rupees.  We had fantastic curry cooked in a clay pot and a paneer(cottage cheese) in gravy which I was addicted to.  This restaurant served the best meal in Goa at a very reasonable price.  Luke and I were dreaming of the meal still the next day.  :)


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